by Jorik Hendrickx

To improve your basic skills
and technique on the ice!

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July 4 to 8, 2022
August 15 to 19, 2022


July 11 to 15, 2022


August 1 to 5, 2022
August 8 to 12, 2022

    by Jorik Hendrickx

    To improve your basic skills
    and technique on the ice!

    International figure skating camp organized by Jorik Hendrickx. This year at several places in Belgium: Deurne, Mechelen and Hasselt. Jorik will be assisted by a professional team of coaches. The camp is open to skaters of all levels!


    experience that helps you further
    Jorik Hendrickx

    Head coach:

    Jorik Hendrickx

    To improve your basic skills and technique on the ice!

    For years Jorik skated at the highest level in which he participated in no fewer than 7 European and 5 World Championships. The 4th place in 2017 at the European Championship is perhaps his most successful result. Two participations in the Winter Olympics, Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018, also make him an experienced Olympian.

    After ending his active career as a figure skater, he switched to coaching. Jorik is extremely passionate and highly motivated in transferring his knowledge and experience to other skaters. This is once again proven by the great results achieved by Loena Hendrickx. Since Jorik took on the role of head coach for his sister Loena, Jorik has already guided her to a Bronze medal at the Grand Prix of Italy in 2021, a great 4th place at the European Championships in 2022 and an honorable 8th position at the Olympic Games of 2022 in Beijing China. With his skating camps, Jorik also inspires and helps other figure skaters to achieve their goals.

    Adam Solya

    Skating skills - Choreographer:

    Adam Solya

    Adam is a professional dancer and choreographer. He is internationally known for his unique integration of classical ballet with modern upper body movements in his choreographies. Due to his experience in the theatre and musical world, he is a specialist in the interpretation of music and the development of an athlete's skating style.

    Adam has also been a choreographer for Loena Hendrickx for many years but has also worked with many other international talents, including acclaimed skaters from the team of the famous Alexei Mishin. During the camp Adam will work on skating skills and dance.

    (Adam will unfortunately not be present during the camp in Mechelen)

    Marina Shirshova

    Guest coach:

    Marina Shirshova

    Marina Shirshova has over 25 years of coaching experience as a head coach in Finland. After finishing her own competitive career and working for 5 years in the Ice ballet of Saint-Petersburg, she studied at Lesgaft Institute of Physical Education taught by Professor Mishin. During her successful coaching career, she taught 12 members of the Finnish national team, participants of the Junior World Championships, European Championships and Junior Grand Prix events. Among her current students she has several winners and medalists in different categories at the Finnish National Championships and ISU competitions.

    (Guest coach Marina will only be present during the 2 weeks of the camp in Hasselt.)

    Guest coaches:

    To be announced…

    Other guest coaches will be announced soon!


    Diamond Level

    For skaters who master all double jumps (full rotation) and are working on double axel and triple jumps.

    • We offer 3 ice sessions.
    • off ice session.
    • Prices: 1 week: € 445,-.
    Gold Level

    For skaters who master single axel and work on all double jumps.

    • We offer 3 ice sessions.
    • 1 off ice session.
    • Prices: 1 week: € 395,-.
    Silver Level (Hasselt only)

    For skaters who are working on all single jumps (included Axel).

    • We offer 2 ice sessions.
    • 1 off ice session.
    • Prices: 1 week: € 285,-.
    Private lessons & choreography

    There is a possibility for private lessons. Please mention this with the registration.

    Bootcamp 2022 by Jorik Hendrickx


    To improve your skating skills and your expression on the ice!
    Registration for BOOTCAMP 2022 by Jorik Hendrickx is no longer possible.


    Sportoase Groot Schijn
    Ruggeveldlaan 488
    2100 Deurne, Belgium

    Ice Skating Center Mechelen
    Spuibeekstraat 1
    2800 Mechelen, Belgium

    IJshal De Schaverdijn
    Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 13
    3500 Hasselt, Belgium


    You will receive an email with payment instructions. Only after completing these instructions your reservation will be final.


    At Bootcamp we maintain a high safety standard when it comes to Covid-19. In this matter we closely follow Government rules and regulations. This may result in some limitations or restrictions.

    If the camp gets canceled due the pandemic, you will receive a full refund.


    Jorik Hendrickx